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  • Bushu Pharma announces the opening of a new packaging facility: Soka Packaging Center in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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Bushu Pharma announces the opening of a new packaging facility: Soka Packaging Center in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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Bushu Pharma

Bushu Pharma (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture) is pleased to announce the opening of the Soka Packaging Center as the 5th base of business operations in Japan for global contract manufacturing services on November 22, 2023. The facility is located inside the Metropolitan Area Distribution Center established and operated by Suzuken Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shigeru Asano) in Prologis Park Soka (Soka City, Saitama Prefecture).

Prologis Park Soka, managed by Prologis Co., Ltd. (Chairman and President CEO: Miki Yamada), is designed based on the latest business continuity plan (“BCP”) and ecological planning, including the employment and installation of the latest seismic isolation structure, LED lighting, emergency power supply systems, solar panels, and more. Our packaging center is capable of storing 1,671 pallets at 2−8°C in 3,753 square meter area refrigerated warehouses to provide a perfect environment for the storage of biological and regenerative medical products, of which the commercial distribution volume is expected to further increase sharply in in the near future.

In addition, the packaging center is designed to permit easy access to the refrigerated storage area from the truck berth through the implementation of optimal logistics operation services in handling refrigerated products for customers.

The packaging center also has a vast packaging area of 1,667 square meters, providing a range of packaging, storage, and distribution services to customers.

Tadao Takano, Representative Director, President, and CEO, says “As a CDMO*, Bushu Pharma will develop the Soka Packaging Center as a new base for our contract business to respond to the rapidly expanding demand in consumption of pharmaceutical medicines, through the employment and implementation of ever more advanced equipment, technologies, and concepts of ecological sustainability, and to play a key role in contributing to stable supply of medicines. We endeavor to realize optimal cold storage supply chain operations for refrigerated products, primarily injectable medications, from packaging processes to storage in large-scale cold storage facilities and through the integration of logistics management. We will continue to contribute to the health of people and the development of the global healthcare industry by delivering safe and secure medicines worldwide.”

Contact information:
Contact person: Hirofumi Takeuchi, Executive Vice President, General Manager of the Sales & Marketing Division
Phone: (81) 049-233-6386

About Bushu Pharma (

As one of the leading contract manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Japan, Bushu Pharma offers a broad range of optimal solutions for technology transfer, pharmaceutical production, packaging, and logistic services based on 25 years of experience and expertise as a CDMO* in all phases of development, from R&D projects for pharmaceuticals such as solid dosage formulations, primary packaging of solid dosage forms, production of injectable solutions, and more, to marketing approval of new drugs.

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*CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization): A business that offers comprehensive services of manufacturing and development of pharmaceuticals, including the manufacturing of  investigational drugs in the development stage as well as finished pharmaceutical products, and optimization of manufacturing processes on a contract basis for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

About Suzuken (

The Suzuken Group has defined its business domain as “Health Creation,” and is comprehensively expanding its medical- and health-related operations to not only the core business of wholesale prescription drugs, but also to the research, development, and manufacturing of new drugs, and other support for drug manufacturers, health insurance pharmacies, and nursing care services. The Suzuken Group is the only pharmaceutical wholesaling company in Japan that can provide a variety of logistics functions specific to the medical field (“medical distribution platform”), including the distribution of pharmaceuticals from manufacturers to wholesalers and from wholesalers to medical institutions and health insurance pharmacies. From the perspectives of manufacturers, medical institutions, health insurance pharmacies, and even patients, the Group has the unique strength of being able to provide a one-stop response to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated pharmaceutical distribution needs to meet the logistical challenges for the customer.

About Prologis (

Prologis Co., Ltd. (Japan Headquarters: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and CEO: Mike Yamada; Global Headquarters: San Francisco, California; NYSE: PLD) is a leading global logistics real estate company operating in 19 countries around the world. As of the end of June 2023, the Company owned, managed, and had developed logistics facilities over a total area of approximately 114 million square meters, and these state-of-art logistics facilities are utilized by approximately 6,700 customers in areas such as third-party logistics (3PL), common logistics, retailing business, and e-commerce supply-chain business.

In Japan, Prologis has so far developed 113 logistics facilities, accounting for a total floor space of approximately 7.87 million square meters (including those under development), and is currently operating or developing 80 facilities with a total floor space of approximately 5.97 million square meters. The Company also owns real estate properties of approximately 230,000 square meters for future developments. Prologis, Inc. will continue to enhance its logistics services for customers through the establishment of advanced logistics facilities and contribute to eco-friendly, sustainable, and highly efficient logistics around the world.


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.