We partner with our customers to make a healthier society by fulfilling 5 key promises.

Bushu Pharma works together with its customers individually to achieve their success goals by supporting them through contract manufacture of their products to help people in achieving good health around the world.

We do this by being the best partner to our customers, which we make possible through 5 key promises: value creation, manufacturing capability, product and operational quality, social contribution, and corporate strength.

Focusing on the fulfillment of our brand promise is how we ensure a consistently strong relationship with our stakeholders.

  • Commitment to Value Creation

    Ensuring optimized QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) through our advanced technology and production capacity.

  • Manufacturing Capability

    Reliable, on time, in-spec, highest yield, excellent technical transfer… all at a reasonable cost.

  • Product and Operational Quality

    Striving to make high-quality products according to the highest Japanese standards.

  • Social Contribution

    Aiming to support the health of communities and society - from a local level to a global scale.

  • Corporate Strength

    Approaching our work with respect for one another and acting with high ethical standards in order to improve society.


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.