The Soka Packaging Center was established as the fifth base of business operations of Bushu Pharma and is operated by Suzuken Co., Ltd. inside the Metropolitan Area Distribution Center located in Prologis Park Soka (Soka City, Saitama Prefecture). The Center offers a range of optimal cold-chain and supply-chain operations for refrigerated biological products, primarily injectable medications, from packaging processes for the retention of products in cold storage area to their subsequent distribution to the customers.

  • Capacity for storing 1,671 pallets in a large, 3,753 m² refrigerated warehouse and 584 pallets in a large, 1,123 m² room-temperature warehouse
  • Large, 1,480 m² packaging area
  • Most advanced equipment implemented in accordance with the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Excellent geographical location, enabling efficient access to the Tokyo metropolitan area

History and Functions

The Soka Packaging Center was opened on the second floor of the south side of Prologis Park Soka building in November 2023. The Center includes the most advanced seismic isolation structure, and is equipped with emergency power supplies and eco-friendly technologies such as LED lights and solar panels to promote the BCP programs.

  • Bearing (364 locations)

    Bearing (364 locations)

  • Damper (30 locations)

    Damper (30 locations)

  • 72 hours electricity storage

    72 hours electricity storage

    • LED lights

      LED lights

    • Solar panels

      Solar panels

    • Temperature monitoring

      Temperature monitoring

    • Security monitoring

      Security monitoring

The Soka Packaging Center includes Bushu Pharma's largest area for cold storage of refrigerated products and thereby provides customers an excellent area for storing biological and regenerative medical products, which are expected to rapidly increase in production and consumption in the near future.

In addition, the area is designed to allow easy access from cold storage to truck berths and provides optimal logistic services to customers for handling refrigerated products.

Cold storage area, 2-8°C Cold storage area, 2-8°C Room temperature area, 15-25°C Room temperature area, 15-25°C

  • Refrigerated packaging area (129 m²)

    Refrigerated packaging area (129 m²)

  • Packaging area (1,352 m²)

    Packaging area (1,352 m²)

  • Freezer area (127 m²)

    Freezer area (127 m²)


Layout of the Soka Packaging Center

Scale and equipment

Storage capacity

  Temperature control Pallets
Refrigerated warehouse 2℃~8℃ 1,671 pallets
Room-temperature warehouse 15℃~25℃ 584 pallets
  • Refrigerated warehouse

    Temperature control
    1,671 pallets
  • Room-temperature warehouse

    Temperature control
    584 pallets


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