Our Facilities

We provide contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, investigational drugs and commercial products utilizing three facilities with large refrigerated warehouses and which have obtained GMP certification covering 56 countries.

In its role as a global contract manufacturer, Bushu Pharma has developed a broad range of experience and deep expertise through which we can achieve effective and efficient results for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Our ability to deliver results is built upon first-class facilities located in Japan, enabling us to create a custom solution to fit your needs.

4 factories in 1map-EN

In addition to the manufacturing equipment in each of these facilities, Bushu Pharma has a range of equipment that allows us to stably provide high quality pharmaceuticals.

AGV System (automated guided vehicle system)
We have an automated guided vehicle system to transport raw materials, semi-finished products, and products between the various manufacturing buildings, packaging and the automated high-rise warehouse. By combining this AGV system with our automated high-rise warehouse and large containers, we are able to increase the efficiency of transport between plants and distribution between processes.

Emergency power generator
We have our own on-site power generator which can provide around 1,980 kW/h. We are able to offer stable provision of products even when the power supply from TEPCO is stopped or inadequate.

Air-conditioning system (HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
We have dedicated air-conditioning systems for each building we manufacture pharmaceuticals in, allowing us to maintain appropriate internal temperatures and humidity levels, and keep the air clean.

Manufacturing water equipment
We create our own manufacturing water in-house by using reverse osmosis and ion exchange to remove impurities (hazardous substances), sending water for manufacturing and for rinsing after cleaning equipment to the sites throughout the day.

Industrial waste processing equipment
There are two types of wastewater systems, one system consists of general wastewater that is processed in the wastewater processing facility at the plant and then released into the river. The other system consists of highly active wastewater that is temporarily stored in tanks and then incinerated by an external vendor.

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