Bushu Pharma has established the Kazo Packaging Center as the company’s third base of business at the Kazo Pharmaceutical Joint Logistics Center of Chuounyu Co., Ltd. as part of the alliance business with Suzuken Group. Bushu Pharma now offers specific services of contract manufacture of biological products and other specialty pharmaceuticals with primary focus on secondary packaging services such as product inspection, labeling, and packaging.

  • Packaging of clinical trial supplies
  • Laboratory testing of various types of pharmaceutical products such as biological drugs
  • Contract manufacturing services focused on secondary packaging
  • Sophisticated and fast services of manufacture and distribution of products supported by multiple functions of the logistics center of manufacturing plants.

History and Function

The Kazo Packaging Center is a facility established after renovation of a two-story building of Chuounyu Co., Ltd., which is the only company in the Japanese pharmaceutical wholesale industry that has a streamlined distribution platform specialized in healthcare products. It is also an affiliated company of the Suzuken Group, which has secured and maintained the highest share of the specialty pharmaceuticals distribution market by volume of handling and has established a solid position in the industry by acting as a strong partner for pharmaceutical companies for many years.

We are now in the position of providing sophisticated and fast services of manufacture and distribution of products by additionally using the functions of the logistics center of manufacturing as outcomes of establishing the packaging center at the Kazo Pharmaceutical Joint Distribution Center of Chuounyu Co., Ltd.


The facility is located in the pharmaceutical joint distribution center of Chuo Unyu Co., Ltd. and can flexibly respond to urgent shipment requests.


The Kazo Packaging Center is Bushu Pharma’s third base of business, comprising automated warehouses for room temperature storage, automated warehouses for refrigerated storage, cold storage rooms, low-humidity preparation rooms, laboratory rooms, and packaging rooms.


  Temperature controll Pallets
Temperature-controlled warehouse 2~8℃ 634 pallets
Room-temperature warehouse 1~30℃ 648 pallets
  • Temperature-controlled warehouse

    Temperature controll
    634 pallets
  • Room-temperature warehouse

    Temperature controll
    648 pallets

Packaging and Storage

Most of the manufacturing and packaging operations are performed in a semi-automated fashion using movable equipment in the secondary packaging area. The packaging center is designed to enable flexible adaptation to varied product configurations under contract.

Packaging of Clinical Trial Samples

We are well prepared to respond to a range of requests for the packaging of clinical trial supplies, including random allocation, labeling, and double blinding.


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.