Business Continuity Planning(BCP)

Business Continuity Planning(BCP)

Bushu Pharma, as a CDMO, is well prepared for continued production and supply of pharmaceutical products to patients and to the public, even in the face of large-scale disasters.

We have pursued the Bushu Business Continuity Plan (Bushu “BCP”) since 2019 and have now established robust, sustainable business systems that are designed to be capable of running not only under conditions of large-scale earthquakes, but also pandemic-induced conditions, for example due to new strains of influenza.

Bushu Pharma’s Basic BCP Policy

Step 1: Our manufacturing capability shall be recovered to 70% of total capacity within 15 days of disaster.

Step 2: Our manufacturing capability shall be fully recovered within 45 days of the disaster.

Features of the Bushu BCP

  •  · Our factories are located inland of Japanese Islands and are essentially free from Tsunami threats.
  •  · Our factories are constructed on firm geological strata.
  •  · Our factory buildings meet the new earthquake-resistance standards of the country.
  •  · Our factories are equipped with power generation systems that can supply electricity for about one week.
Business Continuity Planning Life Cycle Measure Train, Test & Maintain Identify Risk Assessment Analyze Business Impact Analysis Design Strategy Selection Execute Plan Development

Pandemic Policy

  •  · Disseminate the “Plant Entrance guideline” to employees
  •  · Prohibit entry to facilities except for employees
  •  · Prohibit business trips and promote web-meetings
  •  · Decrease the amount of on-site internal meetings
  •  · Supply masks to employees
  •  · Promote a tele-working system for indirect employees
  •  · Increase ventilation capacity of plant
  •  · Track patients who are infected or are possibly infected on a daily basis
  •  · Prepare a system of compensation for absence from work for all employees
  •  · Build the process flow of recovery plan (disinfect / collaboration with public health center)


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