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Bushu Pharma is a CDMO specialized in the contract manufacturing of commercial products and clinical trial supplies.

We are always in pursuit of industrial excellence of the manufacturing processes for solid dosage formulations, solid dosage-drug packages, and injectable preparation packages to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies and patients. We are well prepared for the manufacture and supply of prescription drugs, clinical trial supplies, and over-the-counter drugs with standards of quality required for commercial sales and with stability of quality maintained while passing through multiple distribution channels, in line with global pharmaceutical regulations.

We have put our best efforts into the improvement of product quality for over 25 years as a CDMO.

We have a long track record of manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical products for over 90 pharmaceutical companies both within Japan and overseas to date.

Contract results

Years of CDMO Business Experience

Commercial Clients

The GMP certification was granted based on inspections conducted by the regulatory authorities in the three ICH regions of the US, EU, and Japan. Nearly 200 staff dedicated to quality assurance and control, Bushu Pharma is able to expertly handle technical transfer from leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. Having to face more than 40 client and regulatory audits per year, we have been able to gain value insight over the years, which we employ to offer flawless technical development of products and the optimization of formulation concepts.

Percentage of Commercial Product Accounts from Foreign-affiliated Clients

Annual Audits

Bushu Pharma is proud to work with companies from around the world, with nearly 50% of our sales based on projects with companies based outside of Japan. We have teams featuring SMEs fluent in multiple languages and can smoothly work across cultures and time zones.


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.