Analysis & Technical Transfer

Attention to detail.
Rely on our team of experts and established processes.

Being assured that the products you take to market are free of containment and are produced to specification is of utmost concern for any pharmaceutical company. When you partner with Bushu Pharma, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of analytical and quality control.

Our company works closely with each and every customer to set specifications, develop, validate, and operate strong analytical procedures, sample, test, and control all raw materials, intermediates and final products, and ensure analytical support for all manufacturing and distribution operations.

Backed by this commitment to quality, we are able to offer a robust technology transfer package, with a strong focus on analysis infused throughout our operations. Of course process development and technology transfer is much more than a simple chemical equation - you also have to ensure you build consensus on how to ensure an accurate transfer of the technology.


Finished Products

Cosmetic Quality of finished drug products can be inspected by well-trained operators and remove the defects (ex. dent, scratched carton boxes) to meet the Japanese market requirements.


Foreign materials in filled vials and syringes manufactured overseas can be inspected to remove the defects (ex. small glass fragments, fibers) to meet Japanese market requirements by well-trained operators.


Solid Dosage Forms

Cosmetic Quality of bulk drug products can be inspected by an automated inspection machine or well-trained operators to remove defects (ex. foreign materials, dirty spot, chipped tablets, pigment agglomeration etc.) to meet Japanese market requirements.

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