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Notice Concerning the Opening of Aizu Factory in Fukushima Prefecture

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Bushu Pharma

Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture) is pleased to announce the completion of the transfer of FUKUSHIMA Factory’s business from Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.

With the completion of the business transfer, the name of the factory will be changed to Aizu Factory, and it will help further growth as an important production base for Bushu Pharmaceuticals, which provides high quality pharmaceutical products as a contract manufacturing factory.

With the opening of the Aizu Factory, Mr. Kazuhisa Wakao, who as of today has been appointed as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Aizu Factory, expressed his ambitions as follows: “With a production capacity of approximately 1 billion tablets and 34 million cups of jelly formulations, the Aizu Factory can manufacture tablets (plain tablets, film-coated tablets, and nucleated tablets), jelly formulations, and granule formulations as its production formulations, and achieve growth as a high-quality CDMO* production base.  With the new people we meet and learning together with past colleagues, I am excited to take on the new challenge of manufacturing and supplying various high-quality pharmaceutical products from Aizu to the world.”

Mr. Tadao Takano, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Bushu Pharmaceuticals, added, “With the business transfer agreement signed on March 30, 2022, we have now completed the transfer of the site’s business from Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho, and the site is renamed as Aizu Factory. To meet the rapidly growing demand as a CDMO* and to play a greater role in the stable supply of pharmaceutical products, we will aim for further growth, capitalizing on the Aizu Factory as one of our important contract manufacturing bases. We are committed to contribute to the development of the global healthcare industry and human health by providing safe and reliable pharmaceutical products through high-quality manufacturing and stable supply.”

For further information, please contact: Mr. Hirofumi Takeuchi, Senior Vice President, Marketing Division
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Drawing on its experience and knowledge as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO*) it has cultivated over 20 years, Bushu Pharma manufactures solid preparations, solid preparation primary packaging, injection manufacturing, and injection packaging not only for domestic pharmaceuticals but also for global pharmaceutical manufacturers. Bushu Pharma is capable of providing a wide range of products and services — from clinical trial supplies to commercial product development support to commercialization — and has numerous manufacturing facilities and technologies.

From project start to approval, Bushu Pharma is a leading domestic contract manufacturing company that can provide optimal solutions such as technology transfer, production, packaging, and logistics in Japan.  For more information, visit

* CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization):   A business that provides pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive services in manufacturing and development, including contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, manufacturing of investigational drugs in the development stage, and optimization of manufacturing conditions.


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