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Today’s Refrigerated Packaging and Storage Building at Misato site

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In the morning of October 9th, 2019

Two weeks have passed since the grand breaking ceremony on last Sep 20th.
The construction of the refrigerated warehouse building is proceeding with ground improvement work.
It is the fact that the ground is stable in both MIsato and Kawagoe site.
Actually both of manufacturing site were operated during the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In this ground improvement work, after digging a hole of about 13 meters using water, a concrete pile of 89 meters was driven in after pouring cement of 34 meters. It means that we intend to aim to high level of BCP. It should be a thorough factory that will not be overwhelmed by major earthquakes.

We, all of Bushu Pharmaceuticals, strongly hope that we can contribute to medical care, building supply system to manufacture and supply drug, medicine, and drug & device to the patients all over the world even during the earthquake as well as the Great East Japan Earthquake*.

* The Great East Japan Earthquake: it is recognized internationally as the Tohoku earthquake, struck on March 11, 2011. The massive quake of magnitude 9.0, and the estimated height of over 7 meters tsunami.

Everyone at Bushu is proud that the “pharmaceutical manufacturing” can directly contribute to society and this business activity is made by only some of the people in the world. The next news of construction would be uploaded soon.
Please stay tune and hope to work together in the future.
From all of Bushu


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