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Sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The COVID-19 crisis has not impacted Bushu Pharma’s regular operations

At Bushu Pharma, we are grateful for the continued efforts of our employees to ensure uninterrupted drugs & devices are supplied to our customers and patients. Bushu Pharma has been declared an essential business by the supervisory authority and the local government where we operate, allowing us to sustain full operation.

To ensure the safety of employees and community, Bushu Pharma has established company-wide guidelines to reduce infection risk, such as formulating response guidelines, implementing daily body temperature measurement, voluntarily refraining from unnecessary / non-urgent outings and hand washing, plus adopting work from home. We have worked hard to prevent the spread of infection, and will continue to provide high-quality services, encouraging employees to work hard to prevent infectious diseases.

Our employees have worked to assure continuity of supply and all projects.

We appreciate your continued partnership and confidence in our business.


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