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New Medical Device Center

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June 19, 2020 Bushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has newly established Medical Device Center (MDC) in Kawagoe factory.

In this building, acceptance tests and packaging work for medical equipment will be performed.

So far, Bushu Pharmaceuticals has been entrusted with the packaging business of injections, which are classified as combination products of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but in recent years, many more inquiries regarding inspection-packaging-shipment of “injection/vial agents & therapeutic devices” and “diagnostic devices & agents” are received.

In order to respond to numerous inquiries from contractors/customers, Bushu Pharma has embarked on this field and invested in it as a business that is expected to grow.

In addition to the combination products contracted with so far, Bushu Pharma will strengthen the MDC’s system so that inquiries regarding the final packaging of other pure medical devices can be also contracted too.


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