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  • Cloud-based ERP solution Promote standardization and simplification of IT infrastructure to support business growth

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Cloud-based ERP solution Promote standardization and simplification of IT infrastructure to support business growth

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Bushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO), provides high-quality products / services to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, and our growing company integrates and streamlines business systems. We aim to simplify our complicated operations by adopting a cloud-based ERP solution and work to realize an IT platform that supports further business growth.

Here are the 3 main points of cloud-based ERP solution introduction. ・Eliminate the personalization and maintain a business system for growth
・ Reduction operation load and maintenance expense
・ Reduction of payment condition patterns of business partners Business is growing rapidly
Face the limitations of small scale systems
Established in 1981 as a factory for Novartis Pharma (formerly Sand Pharmaceuticals), to be one of global pharmaceutical companies, we have been currently engaged in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and investigational drugs for domestic and international pharmaceutical companies as CDMOs for global markets. In terms of GMP certification, which is a pharmaceutical manufacturing / quality control standard, we have cleared inspections in 10 countries in addition to Japan, the US, and Europe. Our business is still in the process of growing, with the large investment of the refrigerated warehouse building in Misato plant being decided recently when it is time to accept large projects.
At present, our scale has been expanded, and the number of manufactured items has increased to hundreds. There are always dozens of contractors and many one-time business partners. We decided to introduce ERP in order to respond to future business expansion. Operation load reduction and BCP measures
Adopt cloud type ERP solution
In order to reduce operational burden and to strengthen business continuity (BCP) , Bushu Pharmaceutical introduced a cloud-type ERP that does not own its own system environment. By utilizing SAP ERP standard function
Eliminate personal work and promote automation
The new system is configured using accounting and purchasing functions.
By linking with the production management system, data reliability has also been improved. As a result of the standardization of operations, management operations have become significantly more efficient, and personalization has been eliminated.
Negotiating with suppliers upon the introduction of ERP, adjust and reduce payment conditions to 5 types and unify. Visualize management indicators and
Realization of advanced management
From now on, when the level of utilization of the system is raised, the company will carefully consider incorporating it into establishment and improvement of operations. Furthermore, based on actual data such as accounting, purchasing, sales and production accumulated in the database, we intend to help management judgment while visualizing management indexes.

Based on our mission of “For human health through quality pharmaceuticals”, we will continue to strengthen our production system.


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.