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25th anniversary

Thanks for 25TH Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years as Japan's premier CDMO, Bushu Pharmaceuticals is a dedicated contract manufactuer of pharmaceutical products and clinical trial materials. Providing products for 56 countries and GMP-certified in many countries, including Japan, the United States, and Europe.


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Our Core Services

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Dependable and trustworthy

Our honest and dependable employees are Bushu Pharma's number one strength.
Their integrity and sincere attitude are the basis of our company.

High Quality

To maintain the utmost quality, 350 meticulous staff members are engaged in quality control and analysis.
We've continued to receive positive results from major authorities such as the US FDA over the years.
We are committed to improving our quality management to meet the needs of our customers, and to educate our staff for further growth.


We prioritize flexibility and focus on customization to meet the specific needs of our customers.
To avoid market shortages, we are committed o providing flexible and responsive support.

Track-recordas of 2022

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Commitment to SDGs


As a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, we offer a wide range of contract services tailored to clients’ needs based on our extensive experience and know-how accumulated over many years.