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Notice of Appointment of New Director and President


Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is pleased to announce that Tadao Takano has been appointed President and COO, and Tetsuichi Okada has been appointed Chairman and CEO, effective June 30, 2021.

New Distribution Facility Expands Bushu Pharma’s Gateway to Asia (GTA) Services


Bushu Pharma has established the Bushu Pharma Kazo Packaging Center located within the Kazo Pharmaceuticals Joint Distribution Center of Chuo Unyu Company to carry out inspection, labeling, packaging and storage of pharmaceutical products.

Bushu Pharma’s Collaboration with Suzuken Group Expands Services for Specialty Pharmaceuticals


Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has entered into a business alliance agreement with Suzuken Co., Ltd. to offer a service that provides comprehensive support for new product launches for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to enter the Japanese market.

Bushu Pharma Qualifies for EcoVadis CSR Commendation Medal and Certification!


One of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis – has recently confirmed that Bushu Pharma has met the standards necessary to receive their CSR award medal and certification.

Bushu Pharma celebrates the launch of the new Misato Cold Chain Center


Today, construction of the Misato Cold Chain Center (temperature-controlled facility) was successfully completed, and a ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion. The work was completed on time, thanks to the support of the construction company, the subcontractors, and all of the other related parties.

Bushu Pharmaceuticals Announces Major Expansion Program


Bushu Pharmaceuticals announced on August 14 a major capital program costing $100 million to expand its footprint, capacity and portfolio of services. The program extends over the next five years in order to accommodate client needs.

Cold Chain Center is opening soon.


Bushu is nearing completion of its 3,900-square-meter (42,000-sq.-ft.) cold chain warehouse facility at its Misato plant north of Tokyo. The new facility will be commissioned and validated by September of this year for storage of temperature-controlled sterile drugs and biologics for the Japanese market.

New Medical Device Center


News New Medical Device Center June 19, 2020 Bushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has newly established Medical Device Center (MDC) in Kawagoe factory. In this building, acceptance tests and packaging work for medical equipment will be performed. So far, Bushu Pharmaceuticals has been entrusted with the packaging business of injections, which are classified as combination products of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but in recent years, many more inquiries regarding inspection-packaging-shipment of “injection/vial agents & therapeutic devices” and “diagnostic devices & agents” are received. In order to respond to numerous inquiries from contractors/customers, Bushu Pharma has embarked on this field and invested in it as a business that is expected to grow. In addition to the combination products contracted with so far, Bushu Pharma…

New Cold Chain Center, Approved for a regional economic driving business plan


News New Cold Chain Center – Approved for a regional economic driving business plan Under the “Regional Future Investment Promotion Law”, the construction of Bushu Pharma’s Cold Chain Center was recognized as advance and effective business and received special preferential treatment and support from both the government (METI / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Saitama prefecture. (Ref.) It is posted on the websites of both METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Saitama Prefecture in Japanese only as shown below.  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website Saitama homepage * See item #23 on page 9 of the slide, where you can refer to and check Bushu Pharma. * Please note that the link page on the Saitama homepage…

Sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic


News Sustainability during the COVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 crisis has not impacted Bushu Pharma’s regular operations At Bushu Pharma, we are grateful for the continued efforts of our employees to ensure uninterrupted drugs & devices are supplied to our customers and patients. Bushu Pharma has been declared an essential business by the supervisory authority and the local government where we operate, allowing us to sustain full operation. To ensure the safety of employees and community, Bushu Pharma has established company-wide guidelines to reduce infection risk, such as formulating response guidelines, implementing daily body temperature measurement, voluntarily refraining from unnecessary / non-urgent outings and hand washing, plus adopting work from home. We have worked hard to prevent the spread of infection, and will…

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