Packaging Design and Engineering

We provide primary packaging to final packaging service for a wide range of products.

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Solid Form

Drug Products

  • Granules
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Dry Syrup 

Primary / Secondary Packaging

  • Blister
  • Strip Package
  • Stick Package
  • Bottle
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Injectable Form

Drug Products

  • Liquid
  • Lyophilization

Inspection Assembling

  • Pre-filled Syringe

Secondary Packaging

  • Vial
  • Ampule
  • Pre-filled Syringe
  • Auto Injector
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Medical Device

Secondary Packaging

  • Drug + Device / Machine e.g. IVD Machine
  • Device only (e.g. Catheter)
tablet pill production. Blistering conveyer

For solid dose, injectable forms, and medical devices, decisions regarding the type of packaging used are critical to the success of a product.

With more than 20 years experience, the experts at Bushu Pharma can help you understand the key issues and make the right choices to ensure your package will protect the product inside from damage or degradation.

We provide package configuration design that meets market requirements. From the sourcing of suitable materials to the design of packaging that can preserve the shelf life of your product, Bushu Pharma will consult closely with you to help bring your product to market.

Our packaging service is able to handle press through packaging (PTP), bottle packaging, anti-counterfeiting products, serialization, bar code, and minimized carton box sizing. We also provide solutions from design to order labeling, packaging inserts, carton boxes, and tamper evidence sealing for packaging materials.

Bushu Pharma provides packaging engineering services that will meet your requirements.

  • Designs that minimize the size of the carton box.
  • Designs that can easily be broken down for disposal or recycling after use.
  • Creation of basic design and specifications for new packaging lines.
  • Design and printing of GS1 bar code on carton boxes that meet Japanese requirements
  • Overt and covert measures to prevent against counterfeiting
  • Design of packaging and material selection to reduce the environmental impact
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