Analysis & Testing

Analysis and Technical Transfer based on GMP certifications in more than 56 countries around the world.


Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Lab

In addition to the transfer of analytical technologies, testing of raw materials received, quality analysis of the manufacturing process, and testing prior to shipment accompanying contract manufacturing, we also accept contracts for services such as testing prior to shipment and the respective analyses alone. Driven by our GMP experience and qualifications - built on extensive experience with inspections in Japan and overseas - we are able to conduct tests on a wide range of pharmaceutical products from low-molecular weight drugs to high-molecular weight drugs. In particular, we have the technologies and facilities to handle the testing of biopharmaceuticals such as antibody drugs, and we are able to provide testing using cultured cells (cell-based assay) that require sophisticated techniques. We also have a laboratory for high potency substances and technologies to analyze foreign matter and are able to meet the varied analytical needs of our customers with regards to pharmaceutical products.

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