EHS Policy

Our Corporate Philosophy is to consider the environment, the local community, and ensure a workplace environment where our employees and external partners can securely work.

In all of our business activities, we will give the highest priority to ensuring health and safety and conserving the environment, and each and every employee of Bushu Pharma will undertake this voluntarily and continuously. We will comply with laws and regulations related to EHS as well as local and industry codes of conduct, aiming to undertake the best plan of action.

The officers and employees of Bushu Pharma are committed to building a system that enables us to act with a high awareness of EHS and our respective roles and responsibilities. We will periodically review the EHS Management System to ensure that it is maintained, appropriate, and valid for ongoing improvement and prevention. We will protect natural resources and work to reduce the environmental load.

As part of our EHS policy, we furthermore actively promote the creation of a comfortable workplace and work to ensure safety, consciously undertaking the prevention of industrial accidents and enhancing awareness of safety. We also strive to actively communicate with stakeholders and appropriately provide information, building trust.

Key Policies:

1. Comply with laws about the environment and follow regional and industry codes of conduct

2. Carry out the following in order to reduce to our environmental burden and minimize risk
a. Efficient use of energy and resources
b. Controlling the generation of waste products and promoting appropriate treatment and recycling
c. Reduce the volume of waste containing air and water pollutants
d. Ensuring control of hazardous materials
e. Carrying out assessments of the environmental effects of new projects

3. Work to provide appropriate information for local residents and government offices

4. Regular reviews to ensure that our environmental management system is properly maintained.

Environmental Committee, and Safety and Hygiene committee in 2 sites:
Kawagoe: ISO14001 (2001-)
Misato: ISO14001 (2000-), OHSAS18001(2004-)

Customer audits: Assessed as “Equal to the Global level and Top level in Japan” by 7 customers.


  • Kawagoe Environmental Maintenance Liaison Council
  • Saitama Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (Environmental section)

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