Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Bushu Pharma, as a CMO, has a social and patient responsibility to ensure the smooth, continuous production of pharmaceuticals - even in the face of a national disaster.

Having developed the Bushu BCP Plan in 2019 through consultation with one of the highest regarded consulting firms in Japan, Bushu offers a very strong BCP system for its customers – allowing bulk and final product inventory to be reduced.

Further BCP strengths include:

  • Our plants avoid potential damage by Tsunami as we are located 63.5km inland
  • Our plants are located on hard strata, Kanto loam layer
  • Our plants fulfill the earthquake resistance standards
  • Power Generation System / Heavy oil supply (Self-Supply for 7 days)
  • Recovery policy; we can recover 70% of manufacturing capacity within 15 days, and 100% of manufacturing capacity within 45 days.
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Pandemic Policy (ex. COVID-19)

  • Disseminate the “Plant Entrance guideline” to employees
  • Prohibit entry to facilities except for employees
  • Prohibit business trips and promote web-meetings
  • Decrease the amount of on-site internal meetings
  • Supply masks to employees
  • Promote a tele-working system for indirect employees
  • Increase ventilation capacity of plant
  • Track patients who are infected or are possibly infected on a daily basis
  • Prepare a system of compensation for absence from work for all employees
  • Build the process flow of recovery plan (disinfect / collaboration with public health center)


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