Bushu Pharma celebrates the launch of the new Misato Cold Chain Center

Misato, Japan, Sept. 16, 2020

Misato Cold Chain Center Launch Ceremony

Today, construction of the Misato Cold Chain Center (temperature-controlled facility) was successfully completed, and a ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion. The work was completed on time, thanks to the support of the construction company, the subcontractors, and all of the other related parties.

We wanted to invite many guests to the ceremony but decided to hold the ceremony outdoors, with only a limited number of Bushu Pharma employees in attendance.


Comment from CEO and COO:

"The long-awaited large refrigerated warehouse at Misato Cold Chain Center was completed on September 16th. As a result, we have expanded our Contracted Manufacturing Services for sterile drug formulations and biologics that require refrigerated storage management for Japan and export to Asia.

Now that the warehouse is fully operational, Bushu Pharmaceutical will be fulfilling customer requests. In this new facility we can also carry out high-level inspection, packaging and analysis of sterile drug preparations and bio-formulations."

We look forward to introducing this new facility and our expanded services to you in the near future.

Bushu Pharma

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