Cold Chain Center

Bushu Pharma has recently opened its 3,900sqm Cold Chain Warehouse facility at its Misato plant north of Tokyo.

The Misato Cold Chain Center is validated for storage of temperature- controlled sterile drugs and biologics for the Japanese market and enables international pharmaceutical companies to import bulk products into Japan for quality inspection, labeling, packaging and distribution throughout Japan and other Asian countries.

The inspection capacity will be expanded to 12 stations for pre-filled syringes, and seven stations each for liquid vials and for lyophilized vials. Of the 26 inspection stations, 23 will be supported by cameras. This will establish Bushu Pharma as the leading provider of sterile drug inspection in Japan's outsourced market. The Japanese market requires 100% visual inspection of pharmaceutical products intended for sale in Japan, which is particularly time-consuming and complex for sterile and biologic products.

Our Cold chain logistics service enables market expansion for temperature-controlled bio-pharmaceuticals (maintained at 2℃ to 8℃) to the Japan market, as well as to countries across Asia and beyond. We store and transport pharmaceuticals in line with each product's specific storage and security requirements, maintaining cold chain integrity throughout each step of the delivery process.

The Misato Cold Chain Center currently features capacity for 498 pallets.

Floor area
1st floor  : 1554 sqm.
2nd floor : 1274 sqm. 3rd floor: 1274 sqm.

Work items
Refrigerated packaging, General secondary packaging, Investigational product packaging

Storage capacity
1st season 300 pallets, 2nd season 300 ones added, 3rd season 300 ones added (2 to 8℃)

Continuous operation for one week with in-house generator and heavy oil storage

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