Aizu Factory

Aizu Factory is also engaged in contract manufacturing of tablets, oral jelly, and granules from formulation to packaging, prototyping and analytical evaluation for transition from the experimental stage to the actual production stage, as well as process improvement in actual production.

It has been in operation since 1985 in Aizu Wakamatsu City, about 120 km inland from the Pacific coast. On a site of approx. 110,000 m2, buildings with a total floor area of approx. 23,000 m2 are located, mainly the 1st and 2nd plant buildings, the 3rd plant building, the quality control building, the production technology research building, and the administration building.


Factory building No.2:
We are capable of manufacturing single-flavor tablets, film-coated tablets, core tablets, and granules from formulation to packaging. A manufacturing engineering system (MES), a three-dimensional automated warehouse management system, and a gravity flow system eliminate human error and ensure efficient manufacturing. The production rooms are kept clean by using the highest pressure system in clean corridors to prevent contamination, and temperature, humidity, and differential pressure between rooms are constantly monitored by the environmental monitoring system (PERMS) to maintain cleanliness.

Factory building No.3:
A series of functions from jelly preparation to filling, sterilization, and packaging in a dedicated building for oral jelly products. MES and a three-dimensional automated warehouse management system prevent human error and ensure efficient manufacturing. The production room is kept clean by a clean corridor and maximum pressure system to prevent contamination, and temperature, humidity, and room pressure are constantly monitored by Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) to maintain cleanliness. Processes are automated with the introduction of tray loading equipment and AGVs.

Quality Control Building:
Incoming testing of raw materials, quality analysis of manufacturing processes, and outgoing testing of products are operated. Using the latest analytical equipment and advanced analytical techniques, physical and microbiological tests on solid preparations and oral jelly formulations are capable. Analyzing foreign substances is also available.

Production Technology Research Building:
It consists mainly of general area such as office, a formulation area, and an analysis area. Pilot plant scale prototyping and evaluation is available for production transition from experimental to actual production machines and for process improvement of products. The facility is also equipped with analytical instruments for physicochemical evaluation of APIs and a clean area for microbiological testing.


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