Key Policies

Bushu Pharmaceuticals aims to be a company that is highly valued and contributes to human health through the manufacturing of the finest pharmaceuticals. In order to fulfill this aim, we believe that it is important to have a strong awareness that we are manufacturing products that are deeply involved with human lives, and to act responsibly with regards to quality. With a high sense of morality and ethics, all of us at Bushu Pharmaceuticals will act as follows with the aim of fostering Quality Culture.

  1. Establish a risk management based comprehensive quality assurance system and maintain high quality and reliability levels.
  2. Accurately grasp our clients' needs and always provide them with products of the highest quality.
  3. Seek out sophisticated technology and aim for even higher quality levels.
  4. Establish and ensure procedures for quality control and production management that apply internationally.
  5. Act in accordance with the basic concept of Data Integrity required in manufacturing and quality control.
  6. Emphasize education and training to increase awareness of quality among all employees of Bushu Pharmaceuticals.
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