Our Values and Promise

We partner with our customers to make a healthier society by fulfilling 5 key promises.

Bushu Pharma strives to work with our customers to build a healthier tomorrow, where people around the world can live better lives.

We do this by being the best partner to our customers, which we make possible through 5 key promises: value creation, manufacturing capability, product and operational quality, social contribution, and corporate strength.

Focusing on the fulfillment of our brand promise is how we ensure a consistently strong relationship with our stakeholders.

Commitment to Value Creation
Ensuring optimized QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) through our advanced technology and production capacity.

Manufacturing Capability
Reliable, on time, in-spec, highest yield, excellent technical transfer… all at a reasonable cost.

Product and Operational Quality
Striving to make high-quality products according to the highest Japanese standards.

Social Contribution
Aiming to support the health of communities and society – from a local level to a global scale.

Corporate Strength
Approaching our work with respect for one another and acting with high ethical standards in order to improve society.

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