Company Mission

Supporting the global healthcare industry to create a healthier tomorrow.

Bushu Pharma is committed to producing and delivering quality healthcare products, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices, to patients around the world through its role as a healthcare Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CMO).

By ensuring optimized QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) through our advanced technology and production capacity, we create strong partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and other customers – making it possible to grow the global healthcare industry and in effect, to make better health a reality around the world.

Our success is focused on our customers – we strive to help them achieve their business goals and build lasting relationships through which we support the construction of global supply chains and promote advancement in new fields of business, such as drug & device combination products.

Utilizing the latest know-how and industry information, Bushu Pharma prides itself on being able to offer added-value solutions to its customers, and ultimately to patients around the world.

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