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“Supporting the global healthcare industry to create a healthier tomorrow.”

Tadao Takano, CEO / President
Bushu Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Bushu Pharmaceuticals has been commissioned by numerous customers to manufacture clinical trial materials and pharmaceuticals since the beginning of our business as a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Through our numerous contract manufacturing projects, we have accumulated a wide range of business experiences, such as improving manufacturing technology and quality assurance levels, meeting strict delivery deadlines, and improving costs. With our partners from around the globe, we have grown to what we are today.

By investing more and more in our facilities and equipment, technological innovations, and the development and expansion of human resources, today we have four manufacturing sites in Japan with over 1,600 employees.
Based on our track record of GMP certification in more than 56 countries around the world, we have recently launched the "Gateway to Asia" project to import bulk products from international biopharmaceutical companies to conduct quality testing, visual inspection, secondary packaging, and supply to Asian countries. We are committed to becoming the exclusive channel and partner for pharmaceutical companies seeking to enter the Japanese and other Asian markets.

With the acquisition of the Aizu Factory from Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho in September 2022, we were able to strengthen our solid dosage formulation infrastructure. To cope with increasing demand for biopharmaceutical production, we will open the Soka Packaging Center in 2023 as our fifth manufacturing site to reinforce our capacity and capabilities.
We will continue to invest proactively to augment the foundation we have built and to meet the demands of our customers.

In addition, we will also strive to create and maintain a sustainable business environment while keeping our eyes on social issues like CSR and SDGs and valuing concept of BCP and EHS.

In order to realize our corporate philosophy (mission) "Supporting the global healthcare industry to create a healthier tomorrow," we will make further efforts by refining our quality, fulfill stable supply, flexibility, speed, cost, technical capabilities, and human resource development.

We would like to thank you again for your continued support.

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