Message from CEO

"We provide services and products for the health of people and customers of the global healthcare industry with the best quality and safety."

It has been 22 years since Bushu Pharmaceutical started its predecessor as Sandoz K.K.'s Saitama Factory, was transferred to Shionogi Pharmaceutical in 1998, converted to a full-time specialized CDMO as Bushu Pharmaceutical, and started operations.

During this period, we not only expanded our human resources through the transfer and manufacturing of manufacturing technology for investigational drugs and pharmaceuticals commissioned by many customers, but also improved the manufacturing technology and product quality assurance level, met delivery dates, and improved costs.

We have been given the opportunity to accumulate a wealth of work experience and have been working as a company specializing in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the consignors, business partners, and related supervisory agencies for their support.

In September 2020, we started operation of the Misato Cold Chain Center, a refrigerated warehouse building that uses a vibration isolator in the rack structure at the Misato Factory. With this, following the Kawagoe Factory, we have built a system that can meet the needs of our customers with a two-factory system.  In January 2021, the Misato Solid Formulation Building also started operation mainly of highly active primary and secondary packaging lines.

We will support the global market by acquiring GMP certification in many countries including Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Australia, as well as the three-pole GMP of Japan, the United States, and Europe.

In order to continue its growth, Bushu Pharmaceutical is improving its technical capabilities while trying to integrate with various people. In order for the entire company to work as one to further advance, we will put together a new corporate philosophy (mission) of "for the development of the global healthcare industry and the health of people" and to realize this mission together. In addition, as a mission statement, we declare that we will make five promises (separately listed) to our customers and society.

We will steadily carry out these five promises, and all employees will work together to further refine quality, stable supply, flexibility, speed, cost, technical capabilities, and corporate culture. We will do our best to be recognized as a true partner.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Chairman
Tetsuichi Okada

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