Bushu Pharma is committed to being a company that earns the trust of society at large and one that fulfills its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This commitment is at the core of our company mission – supporting the global healthcare industry to create a healthier tomorrow – and we have accordingly established various guidelines and related rules and regulations that we ensure are followed by all of our executives and employees. Through these efforts, we hope to earn the trust of society at large and be a company that can fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Within our CSR activity, we will respond to the various requests and expectations of our stakeholders in cooperation with our suppliers, promote CSR, and, by building long-term relationships of trust with our stakeholders, work toward the realization of a sustainable society in harmony with the international and local communities.

To this end, drawing on  our CSR Basic Policy and with international standards in mind, we have established two key policy documents: the Bushu Pharma CSR Procurement Basic Policy – which sets out the policy of how we want to work with our suppliers in order to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the development of a sustainable society – and the Bushu Pharma CSR Procurement Guidelines - which further defines the rules that our suppliers should follow in order to meet our CSR objectives.

We appreciate your understanding of the purpose of our CSR procurement based on the CSR Procurement Basic Policy and Guidelines and your cooperation in carrying out activities with our company in accordance with the Guidelines.

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